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Ice Breakers Tournament

This is our only fundraiser that supports the entire season with new equipment for all new players, paid coaches, paid refs, low cost clinics, etc. It’s held over 3 days with nearly 100 teams from CT & NY attending. It’s held in 2 locations: Cadigan and Brookfield High School.

To help make this a success, we ask only 2.5-3 hours minimum of volunteer time from our parents. The responsibilities range from helping with concessions at Cadigan to field hands to score keeping.

You may want to schedule your volunteer time on a date when your child is not playing in the tournament.

We use Sign Up Genius to track all volunteers.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

The Brookfield Lacrosse Club is run solely by volunteers.

We have positions available from Vice President (Boys) to Ice Breakers Coordinator, and new for 2024 season: Sponsorships Coordinator for IBT.

Please consider joining the Board and driving the future of the BLC.