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‚Äč2023 Girls Ice Breaker Rules



  • Teams will not be permitted to play unless all outstanding payments are handed in before the first game. 


  • Tournament is for Lightning, Junior and Senior level players. 


  • Each team must have at least one coach who is US Lacrosse insured and will be responsible for the team’s discipline and act as the team’s representative. Officials will be encouraged to issue Yellow  and Red cards to head coaches for their spectators’ misconduct so coaches must control their spectators. Heckling, taunting or otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct towards players or officials will not be tolerated. 


  • Junior and Senior games are played in a 12 vs. 12, full field format. Lightning games are played 8 vs. 8 on a short field. All USA Lacrosse rules apply unless otherwise stated in these rules. 


  • No minimum pass rule for all divisions, however completive play is encouraged especially in the Lightning division with regards to ball movement.


  • Offsides penalties will be enforced in all divisions.


  • Transitional checking is in effect for all Senior division play. Modified checking (below the shoulder) is in effect for all Junior division play.  Lighting division, no checking allowed. 


  • Each game will consist of one 25-minute running time period. Time is kept on the main scoreboards and games will start and end with a common horn. There will be a five-minute break between games for teams to mobilize and prepare for the start of the following game. 


  • There will be a Draw at the beginning of each game and subsequently after every fourth goal. This will maximize playing time throughout the game.


  • Senior division teams will restart after a goal is scored with a goalie clear and all other players moving at least 4 meters away from the goalie, unless the goal scored is after a fourth goal, then there will be a Draw. 


  • Junior and Lightning teams will restart after a goal is scored by the ball being given to any player on goal line extended and all other players moving at least 4 meters away, unless the goal scored is after a fourth goal, then there will be a Draw. 


  • There will be no substitution horn and all player substitutions are to be done on the fly through the box. Players must be completely off of the field before substitutes may enter the field of play. 


  • Team members must wear matching jerseys or practice pinnies and be numbered. 


  • Coaches and players may not call time-out. The referee will only call stoppage of play due to injury or other circumstances. 


  • Since there is no time for coin tosses before games, Alternate possession will be decided based on alphabetical order of teams, first alphabetically gets first possession.


  • Ties will be allowed for regular tournament play. Scoring for tournament will be 2 points awarded for wins, 1 point for ties and 0 points for losses. Thereafter, total number of points a team earns will determine team ranking. 


  • The top two seeded teams in each Junior and Senior division with the best records will move on to a Championship game. In the event of a tie within the division, the tiebreakers are (in order): (1) head-to-head results (if only two teams are tied); (2) total goals against (3) total goals scored (4) coin-flip (1st team alphabetically calls the flip). 


  • The #1 seeded team in each division will play the #2 seeded team in the Championship game. The winner of this game will be the Ice Breaker Champion in their respective division. The Lightning levels will not have championship games (jamboree style). 


  • In the event of a tie at the end of the Championship game, there will be a sudden-victory (4) four-minute overtime. The two opposing teams will take a two-minute break and re-Draw and play with a full field of 12 players. The first goal scored will determine the winning team. 


  • Disputes of any nature are settled by the Tournament Directors and are final.


  • Players, coaches & officials ONLY will be allowed on turf fields. Spectators/parents must remain on outside of fence and/or off of the turf on the opposite side of the field from the playing teams. There is no food, gum or chairs allowed on the turf. Non-playing teams should not congregate or warm up on the turf during games. These rules must be strictly enforced by coaches. 


  • Due to school and Town regulations the use of barbecue grills and consumption of alcohol on school and Town property is prohibited.